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The Amsonic TTC is a compact self contained table top cleaning, rinsing and drying system. It possesses ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing in cascade (two stages) and hot air drying. For more efficiency and validation purposes a robotic arm can be added.

Water based cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning
Hot air drying

Because of its compact overall dimensions, the cleaner can be easily installed on a workbench.


Practical Concept

  • The Ultrasonic cleaning tank is provided with electric heating to enhance its performance.
  • Cascade (counterflow) rinsing in (for example) demineralised water, significantly lowers rinse water consumption for the same rinse quality.
  • Electrically heated hot-air dryer for effective drying.
  • Process monitoring with digital display guarantees simple, safe and ergonomic operation.
  • Complies with safety standard EN-60204/1


Useful Accessories

  • Available with separate rinse tanks, if prerinsing with tap water and final rinsing with demineralised water is required.
  • Ultrasonic in the first rinse tank, selector switch to connect the ultrasonic generator either with the cleaning tank or with the first rinse tank.
  • Spray under immersion can be added to the first rinse tank and/or the cleaning tank (instead of ultrasonics) With this option liquid is circulated through a filter.
  • Separate process unit for water demineralisation.


Why Ultrasonic Cleaning is so effective?

In ultrasonic cleaning, sound waves propagate through the cleaning liquid. Consequently millions of microscopic bubbles are formed, which first increase in size and then implode. Being so small, the tiny bubbles penetrate every part of the item to be cleaned, even reaching soil that is inaccessible for other cleaning methods. The implosions remove the soil from the surface. The result is optimal cleaning of the part in a minimum of time.



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