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Hamo 210

The Hamo 210 is an industrial, medical and cGMP-conform cleaning equipment for medical, industrial and life sciences fields.

The Hamo 210 spray-cleaning and drying equipment is the unique solution designed to process critical components such as big bottles, glassware, laboratory utensils, boxes, medical Implants, medical devices and other parts from the food, medical, optics, diagnostic and cosmetic field.

The Hamo 210 units stand out from the rest:

  • Specific automation features
  • Specific racks
  • Qualification documentation according to your corporate requirement
  • Automatic load and unloading as an option
  • Dosing of up to four detergents or
  • Energy efficient
  • Tank independent direct rinse system (IDRS)
  • Job report/PVDS and process monitoring options
Water-based pharmaceutical cleaning
Spray cleaning
Hot air drying


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