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AquaLine / ModuLine

Fully automated multi tank cleaning lines that execute your specific validated cleaning process. CX (Cyclic Extraction) technology guarantees optimal cleaning results for complex geometries. Conveyor systems, interlocks for clean rooms as well as passivation and anodizing can be integrated to the core processes.

The configuration and tank size can be adjusted and engineered according to your needs. Prior to configuration of the machine our process team helps you with finding the right cleaning technology and cleaning process. PreciClean and Hamo Liquid detergent can be the right cleaning agent to guarantee excellent cleaning results and best compatibility with your machine.

Water based cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning
Hot air drying
Cyclic vacuum
Vacuum dryer
CX Extraction

Modular design

One of the AquaLine’s major advantages is its modular design principle. It allows for a very individual construction of customer specific machine configurations. Any configuration is possible: from simple, manually operated modules with 2 – 3 tanks, to automated PC controlled large-scale systems with several tanks.

A variety of options are available and can be applied on request and according to individual demands, e.g.:
• Standard or specially designed tank interior (electropolished or passivated)
• Ultrasonics with various frequencies and installation possibilities
• Automatic filling and draining
• Handling robot/carriage with or without PC control (for charges from 15-120 kg)
• Dosing pumps for cleaning agents
• Static or rotating baskets
• Lift-out system (mechanical or via robot/carriage)
• Hot air, infrared or vacuum drying
• Automatic loading and unloading ramps
• Automatic programme selection via barcode reader or binary coding
• Partial or full encapsulation of the cleaning machine, with or without laminar flow boxes
• Central water treatment system for highly purified water (DI water)

Operator convenience and ease to maintenance

The automated machine versions are very simple to operate. The complete machine visualisation and all control elements are laid out on the computer screen. Possible malfunctions are reported by error messages (text). The robot/s (carriage/s) manage/s the programmed cleaning cycles and the infeed of the coded baskets. The control system is able to run both identical (several identical programmes) and mixed (various automatic, simultaneous programmes) cleaning programmes. Depending on its configuration the machine’s productivity varies from 10 to 15 baskets per hour.

The modules’ front panels are easy to remove, allowing fast access to the tanks’ fittings and ease of


Amsonic ModuLine CX


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