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400R Line

The Amsonic 400R Line is a compact and performant all-purpose single chamber cleaning & degreasing unit used for the application of non-chlorinated solvents (Modified alcohols) . Multistage cleaning include the following work steps:

Immerse cleaning, rinsing, vapour degreasing, vacuum drying. The unit has a throughput of a maximum of 6 charges per hour each at 50 to 100 kg (depending on the type of unit).

The cleaning and drying process is carried out under vacuum.

A3 solvent
Vacuum dryer

PLC control with touch screen

The machine is controlled by PLC (Siemens) and a user-friendly HMI interface that includes different cleaning programs and maintenance programs such as the emptying of the distillation unit or the changing and drying of the micro filter. Access to process times and cleaning parameters are user dependent, and protected by passwords. The machine is operated by a userfriendly touch screen; depending on the existing software options, it can be graphically visualized on the display and all relevant process data can be documented (cleaning report for track and traceability). Via a remote support, with the appropriate standard remote maintenance software, the customer support can easily be connected to the system providing online servicing.



Automotive, aircraft industry, precision mechanics, turned parts, watch industry, orthopedic and dental implants, all those industrial sectors require cleanliness results at different stages, intermediate or final cleaning, prior to PVD or CVD coating, prior to plating or laser welding. All those industrial branches are using cleaning systems with Amsonic Technology.Non chlorinated A3 solvents protect cleaned parts from corrosion. They are therefore more suitable than water base detergents in some applications. Solvents (Isoparaffin or modified alcohols) are almost indefinitely distillable. The yearly consumption, depending on the application, is approx. 50 to 200 liters. No matter if your customers request a guarantee for surface tension or particle free parts or if you need to clean a high volume − Amsonic has long time experience with A3 solvent cleaning and will recommend the best equipment suitable for you.

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